Are you at risk for tooth decay?

All you need to do to find out is answer this one simple question: Do I eat, drink, or breathe? No, really, I’m serious! Bacteria enter our mouths when we do any of those three things. Then, the little, very-very-little, bacteria do what all culprits usually do: they hide. They try to hide where you cannot reach them – at the base of the teeth, between teeth, and just below the gums. And there is not just one type of culprit; there are millions of them and of all different sorts.

Once they have found a hiding place, they invite other bacteria, other culprits, to join them. They work to create places where they can party together to destroy teeth by decay (stinky business!). By the way, if you have bad breathe? Consider that it might result from tooth decay. It can come from other factors, but if you do have bad breath, get it checked.

That brings me to my second point: A regular trip to the dentist is wise, especially if you have bad breath. Most dentists like to see patients every six months for cleanings once you’ve become an adult of 20 years or more. The older you get, the more important it is for you to see your dentist.

Every dentist I know places great focus on brushing properly twice per day and flossing at least once per day. Choice of a good toothbrush is important, but what you put on that toothbrush is even more important. Should that toothpaste have healthy ingredients? Of course, it should. But what do you find in most over-the-counter toothpaste? Fluoride.

Tooth Decay and Fluoride

At this time, I should say a little about fluoride. Some believe it to be safe, but others do not. One such group is the Health Status Team, a group of people whose mission is “To enable people to quickly and easily determine and track the status of their health and health risks compared to U.S. national averages, and scientific standards” (1).

Even though fluoride is commonly added to tap water and to toothpaste, the dangers of fluoride are presented on the Heath Status Website, where the team claims that fluoride is poison. They argue that in the 1930’s manufacturers, instead of dealing with fluoride as a by product of copper, aluminum, and iron, therefore hazardous chemical waste, decided to convince us that it was good for developing healthy teeth and eradicating tooth decay. Hence, they put it in our water and toothpaste.

If fluoride is hazardous chemical waste, call Erin Brockovich.

Where’s the proof of the claim that fluoride is dangerous, or at least that it’s good for developing healthy teeth and eradicating tooth decay?

Is Fluoride Dangerous?

Before fluoride was put into water and toothpaste, it was used as insecticide and rat poison? Really? Are you pulling my leg? Unfortunately, no. According to “Patents of Fluoride Rat Poison & Insecticides,” it was (3).

Is it good for developing healthy teeth and getting rid of tooth decay? What study supports this claim? A study conducted on fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated water in 84 areas in the United States on 39,000 school children concluded no significant difference in tooth decay. Furthermore, the World Health Organization looked at tooth decay trends in 16 different countries worldwide, starting in 1970 and continuing until now, and found numbers of decayed teeth in decline. The United States was the only country of the 16 to add fluoride to its public water supply. That being the case, the results of that study support that fluoride does nothing to prevent tooth decay.

So, if you are leary of fluoride, you have every right to be. In the meantime, you should know that tooth decay could not be the only problem you encounter in oral health. As you age, you become more at risk for other problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease.

How can I fight cavities and gum disease without Fluoride ?

Scrub’s 4 oz pump lasts 6 weeks when used twice daily. Baking soda softly scrubs away harmful plaque. Our proprietary blend of Essential Oils and Herbs partners with Coconut, Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Clove Oil to kill and remove harmful bacteria. Vitamin E Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and MSM calms and promotes healing, and may prevent periodontal disease and mouth sores. Peppermint Oil freshens breath.

Vitamin B12, Xylitol, Green Tea extract and our trace minerals prevents cavities. Green Tea extract also fights infection and reduces  inflammation. No need for fluoride, chemicals, artificial anything, GMO or Gluten. It’s not just toothpaste…Its Scrub for your clean kiss.  

Add our oral probiotic, the only probiotic for oral health.  Before bedtime, after using our Swish mouthwash and toothpaste, let the probiotic tablet dissolve in your mouth.  As you sleep, your mouth will be flooded with beneficial bacteria that crowd out destructive bacteria.  Whiter teeth is a nice side affect as well.  Get it also at 

Now you have non fluoride options that are also safe for children when used as directed!

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