Organic Clean Kiss products…

Kill bacteria with Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil and 13 essential oils and herbs
Prevent decay with vitamin B12 and Xylitol
Heal gums with Aloe Vera, MSM, Green tea and olive leaf extract
Strengthen teeth with trace minerals and bone mineral support
Calm Inflammation with proven antioxidant cell support
Balances pH and prevents plaque build up LEARN MORE

Clean Kiss™ is an Oral Care System of tools and organic products working together to kill germs that cause bad breath and can double risk for heart attack, diabetes, cancer.
A Clean Kiss is also a Kiss of Health.
A dirty mouth allows germs to enter your bloodstream. These germs cause inflammation. Chronic Inflammation leads to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pre-term birth and a host of other chronic diseases. If you have a dirty mouth, are on medication or both, you are at risk for serious disease.

That’s why when you order a 3 month supply of Clean Kiss products, you will receive a FREE Kiss of Health ™ Assessment by your local Clean Kiss dentist. And when you get the Kiss of Health Assessment, you get a FREE shipping hug on future orders.

Bacteria grows below the gum-line, exposed to irritated tissue and can directly enter the blood stream.