“Nature is that lovely lady to whom we owe … cancer.” – Stanley N. Cohen

What if we could put a stop to nature, the kind of destructive nature, that creates cancer?

How do we prevent cancer? Some say that a diet low in sugar or high in certain kinds of starches or fiber can help prevent cancer. Or maybe eating grapes or onions or steamed broccoli or nuts or artichokes. How about drinking green tea or sipping beer or wine? The point is that there are so many recommendations about preventing cancer that are good practices. How do we keep track of them all?

How about a surefire way to stop cancer in its tracks?

Have you ever considered that the bacteria that grow naturally in your mouth have a connection to cancer? Dental professionals may know this fact, but, as a general rule, the general population does not.

Cancer Creation Begins in the Mouth with Gum Disease

Bacteria grow in your mouth when you eat, drink, and breathe. Granted, some of these bacteria are friendly, needed for the digestive process. But other types of bacteria, and there are many species, are enemies. These bacteria breed, and spread in the soft tissues of your mouth, mainly in your gums. They create small pockets of disrupted tissue just below the surface of the gums next to the teeth, which cause inflammation to occur, and because the gum tissues are broken, bacteria can then enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body.

How bad is the problem of gum disease in the U.S.?

The CDC has found that a whopping 47.2% of adults over 30 years of age have some type of gum disease, and once adults are 65 and over, the percentage increases to 70.1%. These statistics fully support that gum disease is a serious problem in the U.S. The consequences of this problem are serious.

The University of Helsinki and the connected Helsinki University Hospital, in partnership with colleagues from Karolinska Institute of Sweden, have concluded that bacteria found with gum disease are the cause certain types of cancer, in particular, pancreatic cancer. The study revealed that an enzyme linked to certain cancerous tumors is found in the mouth and acts as a “boosting” agent in gum disease development. With gum tissue broken, harmful bacteria, with their associated enzymes, travel through the bloodstream to other parts of the body and help infect vital organs with cancer-producing substances.

What this study means is that the Cancer Connection to Gum Disease has been well established.

So, is oral health more important than we may have previously considered?

You bet it is!

Now, the question becomes: How can I prevent gum disease? And how can I block these bacteria in my mouth from proliferating to the rest of my body and do it safely?

With all the chemicals found in OTC and specialty oral care products, some of which are known to cause cancer, is there anything that will actually kill the bacteria safely and help me get my mouth healthy?

Yes! Leona Meditz, founder of HCP Wellnet, after copious research, has created a line of oral care products that will do just that. Clean Kiss is a system that utilizes organic biologics to kill bacteria, prevent tooth decay, heal gums that have been damaged by bacterial infection, strengthen teeth, calm inflammation, and balance pH so that plaque doesn’t build up.

For further information on the Clean Kiss System, the answer to achieving excellent oral health safely, click here.