WebMD states that boron may also have antioxidant properties. What do antioxidants do for us? Let’s think first about the oxidative process on, for instance, iron. If you cook in iron skillets, you know that leaving water in them causes rust to form at water’s edge. In essence, rust degrades the iron itself.

Now, oxidants in the body do the very same thing: they degrade. You may have heard the term “free radical.” That term has a very complex explanation, but I will not go into it here. In short, though, a free radical, having an unequal number of electrons, is an unstable molecule. When the body produces them, it’s like having a mob of thieves roaming about, seeking to rob healthy cells of that needed electron. When those thieves steal electrons from healthy cells, they rob the body of health and vitality. In fact, free radicals cause the ageing process.

Antioxidants sacrifice electrons to free radicals, thereby putting an end to the thievery, consequently preventing damage caused by it. The beauty of this sacrifice is that antioxidants do not become free radicals when they give up electrons; they are stable in whatever state they exist. They are, in essence, sheriff scavengers seeking to collect the cellular criminals and reform them.  That’s why we chose Osteo Therapy+ theraputic bone support supplement.  Get it at cleankiss.com/shop 

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