What is peri-implantitis (PI)? The prefix “peri” indicates the condition of being all around; “implant” relates, in this context, to a dental implant constructed of a porcelain crown with a titanium root; and the suffix “itis” indicates disease or inflammation. So, peri-implantitis is a state of disease or inflammation around a dental implant. The disease causes progressive bone loss, which is the determining factor for peri-implant disease.

What causes peri-implant disease (PID)? At the onset of this disease, there exists an imbalance between bacterial load (density of bacteria) and the host (the tissues surrounding the implant) defense.

Did you know that microbial species colonize an implant’s surface within the first 30 minutes after the implant? Then between the 1st and the 12th weeks bacterial load grows and then continues growing, especially in some species of bacteria. Bleeding on probing (BOP) and increase of probing depth (PD) over time are good predictors of loss of tissue support around the implant. If bone loss, due to BOP and PD results, seems to be indicated, radiographs should be regularly administered as a diagnostic and monitoring strategy.

What are the risk indicators for peri-implant disease?
• Placement in patients with a history of periodontitis – A 10-year longitudinal study showed PI incidence was 28.6% in those with a history of periodontitis; whereas, those without had 5.8%.
• Crowded teeth associated with accumulation of plaque or pre-existing inflammation
• Males more susceptible
• Cement remnants for mechanical or biological complications
Smoking, long thought to be a risk factor, has not yet been clearly established as such because current study results are mixed, so further studies are needed to conclude one way or the other.

What can you do to prevent peri-implant disease?

Bone loss with dental implants results in the loss of implants. Key to survival of implants is daily oral hygiene and supportive periodontal therapy. A longitudinal 10-year study found patients with inconsistent attendance to a supportive maintenance program fared negatively regarding number of teeth lost and results for peri-implantitis (PI), bleeding on probing (BOP), and probing depth (PD).

Thus, the best preventative is to do everything possible to keep dental implants and the tissue surrounding them clean and healthy. And, if peri-implant disease if present, then excellent oral hygiene is a must, especially using products with safe ingredients that promote healing and prevent eventual loss of implants.

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