Heart Disease is serious business. It’s the number one killer of Americans and people worldwide, according to Centers for Disease Control (2). Consequently, if you value your life and lives that depend on you, you will want to do whatever you can to reduce your risk.

Heart Disease Risks

What are the risk factors for heart disease? WebMD lists them as follows: high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high stress lifestyle, lack of exercise, high fat and cholesterol diet, and carrying too much weight, especially around the waistline (1).

Add one more, however, to the risk factors for heart disease: periodontal disease. Yes, conditions in your mouth influence your risk for heart disease and all sorts of other inflammatory diseases as well. Dr. Richard Stein, American Heart Association spokesperson and director of preventative cardiology at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City declares, “[I] regularly counsel patients worried about their risk of heart attack or stroke to incorporate good periodontal care in their preventative strategies, just as they would include exercise, healthy diets, and appropriate medications” (2).

Frankly, we are likely used to hearing medical professionals recommend lowering the risks of heart disease by intervention strategies related to the factors listed by WebMD; however, not many have been informed about the medical dental connection.

How Do Conditions in the Mouth Relate to Heart Disease?

Let me explain: Both good and bad bacteria exist in the oral cavity. What happens in the mouth is the very beginning of the digestive process, and most people know that bacteria are involved in breaking down our food in that process. However, bad bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, create the conditions that lead to disease if they are not halted.

“Anaerobic” means that those bad bacteria do not like oxygen; therefore, they find places to hide, usually in tartar and plaque collected at the base of the teeth, where they also invade the spaces beneath the gums. When gums succumb to bacterial infection, small fissures occur, which let the bacteria and the accompanying inflammatory response into the blood stream. At this point, the bacteria and inflammatory substances can travel throughout the body to affect other organs and systems as well.

That inflammation can lead to such serious diseases as atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Not many people know the connection between oral health and systemic disease, so consider yourself fortunate to find this information.

Look, we know that you would not be reading this page if you were not concerned about your risk for heart disease, and what you may have learned on this page is that there is yet one more strategy you can use to lower that risk.

Find Help to Lower Risk of Heart Disease

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