Highly absorbable nutrients for greater bone health. 1,114 mg of calcium per serving in the form of calcium citrate to help support bone health*. 800 IU of vitamin D3 per serving to help your body absorb calcium*197 mg Magnesium and essential bone supporting minerals: zinc, copper and manganese*Gentle on your digestive system.  Can be taken with or without food.  For men and women. Contins 60mcg vitamin K2 (MK4/MK7):- MK4 – Recent studies show taking vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium supplements did not have a significant decrease in bone fractures and, instead, taking MK4 with calcium and vitamin D does significantly lower bone fractures. MK4 stopped and reversed bone loss, grew stronger bones, and reduced fractures more than 80%.– MK7 – Shown to reduce fractures and maintain bone density. K2-7 safely directs calcium to your bones instead of your arteries (so arteries do not harden).  Serving Size: 2 capsules once or twice daily with or without food or as recommended by your doctor, pharmacist, or healthcare professional. Always check with your physician before taking any supplement or medicine.